A Message To Our Fans in Japan From Tim

To all of our fans in Japan,

It is with great disappointment that we must, for the moment, postpone our engagements in Tokyo and Nagoya. This is a very sad and tragic time for so many people. We are sure that many of you have friends and loved ones in Sendai, and the neighboring areas that were directly affected from the earthquake and tsumami. The images on the television are overwhelming. After consultation with our families, it was felt that it would not be the best time to perform our music in Japan, but rather, wait a bit, and return under more fortuitous circumstances.

Japan always holds a very large place in our hearts, and we are deeply saddened by these recent events. Japan will recover from this bad experience, and the wounds will heal.

We want you all to know that we hold you close to our hearts, and pray for those who have suffered from this terrible act of nature. We all look forward to returning very soon to Japan, and hope that our music can make you feel better, and, at least for a moment, take you away from this tragedy.

Tim Hauser