Cheryl Bentyne

While much of the world recognizes Cheryl Bentyne as The Manhattan Transfer’s  incomprable “soaring soprano”, this compelling vocalist has a story all her own! Cheryl has enjoyed a long solo career, releasing 10 solo albums and collaborating on numerous other recordings. She has won 2 Swing Journal Awards for Best Vocalist in Japan and a Grammy for her vocal arrangement of Another Night in Tunisia with Bobby McFerrin. She was also nominated for a Grammy for her solo on Vocalese‘s Meet Benny Bailey.

Born on January 17, Cheryl was raised in a musical family. Along with her parents, Cheryl and her three brothers lived in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Her father was a swing musician, known as “The Benny Goodman of the Northwest.” Her mother was a singer, so it was only natural that Cheryl would be interested in music. Her interests included theatre, classical piano – which she studied for seven years – and of course, singing. Singing with her father’s band gave her a lot of great experience early on. When asked about her musical influences, Cheryl says: “My father was a great swing musician, clarinet especially!” Cheryl is often given the clarinet parts in the vocalese tunes the group has done – her voice perfectly suited to be a clarinet.

Upon graduation from high school, Cheryl moved to nearby Seattle and joined The New Deal Rhythm Band, touring the west coast and delighting audiences wherever they went ~ performing everything from Ruby Keeler tap to Carmen Miranda!

In 1979, Cheryl joined The Manhattan Transfer. Her first album with TMT was Extensions, which included the song that would become their trademark anthem, Birdland. With Cheryl, TMT won the first of 10 Grammy Awards for that album! For more than 30 years now, they have recorded albums, toured the world and continue the legacy of four part harmony.

Cheryl’s solo endeavors include releases on the Sony/Columbia, King Records, Telarc, Artistshare and Summit labels – from Cole Porter to  . Her interest in Music Therapy is taking her on another journey with her album, Blissongs

Cheryl also narrated the Audiobook of Randy L. Schmidt’s Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter

Cheryl’s personal journey has had its bumps along the way… In 2011, she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Two years later, she was then diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a successful stem cell transplant, she is now happy and healthy in remission!

Cheryl is a very proud and supporting mother to her daughter, Zoe Allen, an artist in Nashville, Tennessee. She also tries to help out at the Cancer Care Center, WeSpark in Sherman Oaks when she’s not touring.


Her upcoming album, Lost Love Songs, a compilation of earlier works on King Records, is due to drop March 2016.
Available now for PRE-ORDER now on Amazon.

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  1. Richard Pare says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Cheryl! You beat me to 57 by 40 days!

    Just saw you last night in Indianapolis and was damn near in tears from everyone’s performance. The opening 2 numbers by Chick were stunning beyond belief – I haven’t a clue how you guys managed to learn tunes that complex, never mind perform them with such beautiful precision. You need to do more of them in your show (if the effort doesn’t totally exhaust you!)

    Unfortunately, I’m already scheduled to be out of town when you come back to Carmel next December. DAMN!!!

    Thanks again for a wonderful evening of shear listening pleasure, and have a good time on the rest of your tour this year.

    Richard Pare

  2. Hi, Im an Italian singer/songwriter I would like to show you this song: “Bye bye Wigmore Hall”
    I dream a cover by the great Manhattan Transfer


  3. Loveling says:

    The finest of the fine. Adoring your vocal work since birth. Carry on Cheryl!

  4. Will Thornton says:

    Hi Cheryl…
    “Out damned spot!” remember that line from MacBeth…I was King Duncan…now hows that for a Hoping to catch your show this Oct. in Seattle. I am living in Belllevue these days. Would love to see you and say “hi” if the chance allows….have followed you and the group for years waiting for that very opportunity. I knew even back in high school that you would make it big.

    Much love and break a leg,

    Mr. Bass man from behind you in choir, Will Thornton

  5. scot j massey says:

    LOVE YOUR VOICE! as well as the other partners. i must say i have been in love with THE TRANSFER since1976 . i saw the group in columbus ohio that year istill have the program from the concert. saw you in phoenix 2009 but i missed you in 2011. man am i bummed. if you folks do anything in phoenix this year , , small or large, please NO ONE SINGS LIKE THE TRANSFER. I LOVE YOU. AND ALWAYS WILL SCOT J.

  6. Dennis Lind says:

    Hii Cheryl. My wife and I (Julie Stewart Lind….who was a year ahead of you at MVHS….I was class of 1970) really enjoyed the show at Jazz Alley. I’m the guy that came up to you from behind (returning from the restroom) as you were waiting to take stage for your solo….sorry if I suprised you. I found out the next day that my father, Ward Lind, worked with your dad at good ol Bert Robinson Hardware in Mount Vernon, back in the day!. Again, thanks for the great show.

  7. Lisette Bennun Bridges says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    I am the realtor that sold you your very first home in Venice. I don’t know if you remember me, but I have always been a fan. Much happiness…

  8. Richard Amaro says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    I am sending you my prayers for a quick recovery – will miss you at The Blue Note this year! But take good care of yourself!
    Best Regards,
    Rick Amaro

  9. Dean Reynolds says:


    Missed seeing you so much in Carmel, Indiana last night at the Palladium. The rest of the group were troupers and the New York Voices did a good job filling in, BUT it is not the same without you. Many, many prayers going out for your recovery. Love your voice, your spirit and the vibrancy you bring to the stage.


  10. Phil Granito, The Duprees says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Get well soon. I can’t wait to see you, “TEAR IT UP”, as you ALWAYS do.
    Phil Granito

  11. Don O says:

    Both my wife Margaret and I always enjoy the TMT blue note Christmas schedule. A few years back you even sang Santa Baby ( my favorite) for us. We truely missed your presence this year and wish you a speedy and healthy recovery. We hope to see you back on the stage soon.

  12. Carola und Werner Binn says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    We are Fans of the Manhattan Transfer since about 30 yaers! Tonight we read in the Internet that you
    fall in illnes.We are very sad about it and wish you Healthy and Luck for the Future.
    Thanks for wonderfull Music, thanks for You and the “Manhattan Transfer.
    Carola und Werner

  13. Bobbie Greenlee says:

    Cheryl, I was so surprised to see that you are on the sick list. I am your cousin Bobbie from Mn. and was planning on getting together with you in March. If you get this message please get ahold of me by e-mail or phone . I’ll be thinking of you and will remember you in my prayers.

  14. Chris says:

    Missed you last night at the Detroit concert – my 8TH! Did not know you were ill, many wishes for a full recovery. You 4 have brought joy to my life for the last 40 years, may you continue to work your magic for years to come!

  15. scott berglund says:

    saw you guys 30 years ago at orchestra hall in mpls. saw the doobie bros the night before at the state fair and was a little suprised to see their drummer at your gig. after 30 years and many more concerts yours is still the greatest entertainment i have ever seen. cant wait to see you at the late show saturday night. hope eldorado caddy puts in an appearance. scott 3-9 12

  16. Ray Lee says:

    Cheryl has had an amazing recovery.I knew she had been taken ill but not that ill.I was quite shocked to have found out on her blog that it was cancer.She is amazing!I look forward to seeing you all again in concert in London uk.Please come back.

  17. Udo Glasmacher says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    I hope your recovery is in good progress, and wish to see you back on stage as soon as possible. Saw you back in 2010 with MT on stage, it was a great experience and a deep inspiration. Wish You all the best….

    Greets from Germany…

  18. Lynda says:

    Amazing performance of Cole Porter’s “It’s All Right With Me” tonight in Santa Cruz! My first opportunity to see/hear TMT live, and every one of you, together and separately, made it worth it!

    Thanks – come back soon!

  19. Lynne McNamara says:

    Saw you last night in Vancouver – oh my gosh. Have been a fan for years, listen to you often on my iTunes and have seen you on stage a few times – you always amaze. Your performance just made me so happy. Thanks so much! Please come again soon — although, with the size of your tour, I’m sure you’ll all need a looong rest when it’s over! :0)

  20. Donna Bishop says:

    Hello again Cheryl. Just wanted to tell you again that it was great meeting all of you on my flight from Quebec today. What I didn’t get a chance to share was that I am a cancer survivor too.Non Hodgkin’s Lymph. 14 years this past May. You look great and I hope you continue to feel better everyday. Take care and hope to catch one of your shows when I am not flying the skies. Donna Bishop, FA ExpressJet.

  21. Sharon Carlisle says:

    My daughter is screaming! Her first concert is Dec. 8th in Cerritos, CA. She is 8 years old and knows most of all words to The Best Of! Thank you for giving me this chance to show her great music.
    Sharon and Shannon Carlisle. (This will be the 10th time for me to see you all again. I’m honored)

  22. Ric Craig says:

    Saw you guys last night in TO! Fantastic… been a fan of yours since college! Love to listen to your harmonies and all the great studio musicians you had on all your albums!! Im a drummer in LA and loved Steve Haas’s playing! I know of him through a band we both play in around LA… …. again, Fantastic show…. brought back many memories!

  23. Dave Meacham says:

    I have been a fan for too many years to count, less than 40, but over 38. I have had the good fortune to experience the Transfer, twice, when I lived in Northern Az, and you were appearing in Phoenix. Those were the best concerts I have ever attended. I would love to have the opportunity to experience the Transfer live again. I now live in Baton Rouge, La., and do wish you all would appear here. Ms Cheryl, I send my wishes for good health, and keep you in my prayers. You ar my Nightingale Singing in Berkeley Square.

  24. dot dale says:

    My son has introduced me to Soundcloud and I just found a long lost and much missed album – Bodies and Souls – Wonderful, like hearing old friends, thank you for your musicality, you show us how it should be done…………..

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