The Christmas Album

1992 – Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.


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Notes on the album…

The Christmas Album was the second of two albums that The Manhattan Transfer did for Columbia Records and it quickly became a holiday classic. The album was co-produced by Tim Hauser and Johnny Mandel and features special guest Tony Bennett on “The Christmas Song.” The song “Goodnight” is the Lennon/McCartney classic and marks the only Manhattan Transfer recording of a song by The Beatles (although Janis Siegel did record “For No One” with Fred Hersch on the album Slow Hot Wind).

11 Responses to The Christmas Album

  1. isa says:

    so many years enjoying your music… It s quite difficult to find your records in my town, it s not commercial, you know.. but not impossible. I hope you come to give shows here-.

  2. Danny Fuller says:

    Amazing christmas cd…great to put on in the background at any holiday party. Its smoothness and crispness makes it a perfect holiday faire

  3. Bruce Carlson says:

    I love your mellow harmony and rich blend of love that hides your separate voices into one
    whole sound and yet is unable to conceal your distinct beauty as individuals. I love to sing while walking alone by a river with these sounds filling my inner hearing.

  4. Patrick Branch says:

    I was hooked on your music in 1980 been a fan ever since. Your music and harmonys are timless. God bless you and Merry Christmas. Patrick Branch

  5. Marleen van Doorneveld says:

    I have become a fan at the end of the 1980’s. Saw you at North Sea Jazz Festival many, many years ago, when it was still held in The Hague/The Netherlands. And I am listening to your Christmas Album, again, that I got as a present in 1992, I think. Still enjoying your music very much. Hope to see you again one day, and all the best to Chery. Merry Christmans and a healthy 2012!

  6. richard boucher says:

    The best of the best if you can find better for christmas songs let me know i think its impossible

  7. Jim Langan says:

    I’ve listened to The Christmas Album so many times, and every time I listen to track 8, my 73 years old eyes water up. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift!

  8. Guy Shaffer says:

    Dear TMT: Just discovering this album 20 years after you recorded it and it has filled our home with the intended spirit. Your collection of recordings are timeless gems, certain to be classics, each and every one.
    Thank you all! I’m sure your sweet harmonies will be enjoyed by our children’s children’s children.
    — Guy

  9. Valerie Takacs says:

    This is by far in the top ten of my favorite Christmas albums. This one always gets me in the Christmas spirit. I just wish there were liner notes with arrangers and musicians. Thanx for all you do! Merry Christmas to you all,

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