The Manhattan Transfer Live

1. That Cat Is High
2. Snootie Little Cutie
3. Four Brothers
4. On A Little Street In Singapore
5. Java Jive
6. Walk In Love
7. Chanson d’Amour
8. Speak Up Mambo (Cuéntame)
9. 15 Minute Intermission
10. In The Dark
11. Je Voulais (Te Dire Que Je T’Attends)
12. Sunday
13. Candy
14. Well, Well, Well
15. Freddy Morris Monologue / Bacon Fat
16. Turn Me Loose
17. Operator
18. Tuxedo Junction


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THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER LIVE was recorded at Manchester (23rd April 1978), Bristol (28th April 1978), and Hammersmith Odeon, London (2nd May 1978). The album was produced by Tim Hauser and Janis Siegel. For many years, this album had the distinction of being the only Manhattan Transfer album not to be released on CD… but finally Wounded Bird Records (WOU-540) released it in the spring of 2005.

Interestingly, when asked for the group’s comments on this album, Janis and Alan had something very similar to say about it. Janis: “Worst album cover in history (with possible exceptions of ‘Coming Out’ and ‘Mecca’)” Alan: “Wins the award for worst album cover.” There are actually two covers to the album, one being an actual photo of the group that is a silhouette, and the other one is a “cartoonish” rendition of a similar pose. Alan says that the album “was never released in the United States. The first printing is a collector’s item.” The version with the “photo” cover was released by Mobile Fidelity Sounds Labs as an “Original Master Recording”.

It’s a great album that captures the essence of The Manhattan Transfer during that time: The group was riding a wave of success and had become very popular in Europe, and the enthusiasm is evident in their performance. “The album was recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon,” recalls Alan. The performance captures numbers by L Dorado Caddy and Guido Panzini. It’s also the last album made with Laurel Massé. Produced by Tim and Janis, it was recorded in late April/early May of 1978. Janis was truly dedicated to her producing duties, as she recalls “I co-produced and was in the hospital for emergency surgery – remember listening to mixes and taking notes up until the time they wheeled me in the O.R.”

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  1. I have never heard the song “Walk In Love” but my husband has and he says it reminds him of us. How do I get a copy of this song? I would really like to hear it. Thanks

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