1995 – Atlantic


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Tonin’ marked The Manhattan Transfer’s return to Atlantic Records. The term “tonin'” is associated with the vocal groups of the 1950’s and 1960’s and the songs here are favorites of the group from that era in time. The list of guest artists is impressive and lends an air of festivity to this wonderful collection of classic R&B songs.

2 Replies to “Tonin’”

  1. Listening to “tonin” is truly a wonderful experience. These days it’s rare to hear music that is truly beautiful “tonin” delivers magnificent sounds and harmony that can enrapture the soul. Turn the lights off lie back and let yourself melt into the wondrous experience only the Manhattan Transfer can deliver. Thank you for bringing this beauty into my life… please don’t stop.

    Love and Best wishes…. Steve

  2. Another ‘Masterpiece’ recently discovered (at least by me)….I will DEFINITELY add this to my “Slo Jamz” Rotation list.

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