1985 – Atlantic



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The album VOCALESE has become known as The Manhattan Transfer’s most critically acclaimed moment. “Vocalese” received 12 Grammy nominations, making it second only to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as the most nominated single album ever. The album earned them Grammy Awards for “Best Jazz Vocal Performance, Duo or Group” and “Best Vocal Arrangements for Voices” for Cheryl Bentyne and Bobby McFerrin for their work on the song “Another Night In Tunisia.” The term “Vocalese” refers to a style of music that sets lyrics to previously recorded jazz instrumental pieces. The vocal then reproduces the sound and feel of the original instrumentation. Jon Hendricks, the recognized master of this art, composed all the lyrics for the album.

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  1. Just one more reason Why the manhattan transfer are THE best modern jazz vocalists out there……when their cd IS the ONLY cd to ACTUALLY give thriller a run for its money, well, that says loads as to the talent behind this amazing group….Here’s hoping for many more years of amzing music

  2. They were today in my radio show THE CUBAN BRIDGE at WWPV 92.5 FM The Mike in Colchester, Vermont, USA with RAY’S ROCKHOUSE
    Host : Toni Basanta

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