The Chick Corea Songboook Release

coverWe’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with the release of The Chick Corea Songbook, in stores on September 29!

The Chick Corea Songbook, which marks our first new record in five years, was inspired by the classic work of jazz great Chick Corea, and features fresh and exciting vocal interpretations of many of his popular compositions, including “Spain” and “500 Miles High.”

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  1. I love this cd. I own EVERYTHING you’ve recorded. You’re not in my city too often, San Antonio TX, but when you were, I had FRONT row seats.

    I was wondering if you all will be putting out another good ol’ jazz vocalese album any time soon? I’d love to hear your harmonies on Its Your Red Wagon or Avalon and so many more…

    Your biggest fan in Texas,

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