Last night was the final concert of our Japanese tour in Sapporo.  It was cold and snowing here yesterday but didn’t seem to effect the energy of the concert. By the end of this tour all of us were feeling tired and started to show some wear on our voices. It’s time to rest the chords.

It’s really a joy to play with our band, our musical director on keyboards Yaron Gershovsky, Steve Hass on drums, Adam Hawley on guitar and Gary Wicks on bass.  Each one a great musician but the magic is in their cohesiveness as a band. They, like the Transfer, are integral parts of a whole unit. Thanks guys for adding such great music to our voices.

And thanks Laurie “Greenie” Green, for keeping everyone organized and sane and looking so spiffy, and finally, Jonin and Matt, our sound engineers, who make it possible for us to hear each other on stage and for the audience to hear as well.

Safe journeys home everyone and have a good rest.  See you in a couple of weeks in Cape Verde, Africa.
Reporting live,
Alan Paul

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  1. Thank you all of you for coming to London!!
    I have seen you every time you have come to Londonand was starting to think you might never come back again.
    You were amazing and it was an absolute privelege to see you all in such superb form, at Ronnie Scott’s.
    Please please please come back soon.
    Stay happy and healthy

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