Greetings from California!


We’re on the road (as usual!), but this time we’re in California. Our “West Coast Weekend” starts on Friday, August 17th with a show at the Uptown Theatre Napa in… wait for it… Napa. Then we hightail to Folsom to sing for our supper the following night (Saturday, August 18th) at Three Stages at Folsom Lake College. We wrap up our visit to the West Coast in Santa Cruz on Sunday the 19th with a show at the Rio Theatre. Whew!

To review…

Friday, August 17th – Uptown Theatre Napa – GET TICKETS
Saturday, August 18th – Three Stages (Folsom, CA) – GET TICKETS
Sunday, August 19th – Rio Theatre (Santa Cruz, CA) – GET TICKETS

We’re looking forward to a great weekend with friends, fans and fellow music lovers in California!

Tim, Cheryl, Alan & Janis

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  1. Your show at the uptown theater in Napa was fantastic, it has been over twenty years since we caught one of your shows in Sacramento were we live and you never disappoint and being its your fortieth anniversary we got to hear a lot of our old favorites from you and a boy from new york city to finish the night ,it won’t be another twenty years til we see you again that is for sure, and glad Cheryl’s back and doing well. Don and Jeanne Santiago

  2. I think I have seen maybe 10 TMT shows and the show last night in Napa was without question the best ever! You guys about blew the roof off of that beautiful theater! So happy to have Cheryl back and healthy; she brings such energy and whimsy to the shows , not to mention her incredible vocal talents! You guys just seem to keep getting better every year! Please try to schedule in more shows in N. California; you are keeping me young!

  3. Over the past several months I’ve seen knockout performances by Bruce Springsteen, Shawn Colvin, Iris Dement, Los Lobos, James Hunter, Los Straightjackets–and more. You guys were the best of them all. Seriously. I was exhausted after being on planes all day and I had to stay for the second show in Seattle. Thanks. Keep in touch regarding the hurricane effort.

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