Get Ready, New Zealand!

We’ll be at The Civic Theatre in Auckland on February 22nd (GET TICKETS) and at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington on February 23rd (GET TICKETS). Keep up with our gigs on our Tour Dates page!

When are we coming to your town? Not sure, but rest assured that we’re working on it. Thanks!


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  1. New Zealand don’t miss it! Just caught the show last night in New Hampshire USA and the MT just melted away the polar ice up here in two seconds flat. Hot! Better than ever. MT, you couldn’t come back too soon! Watching your Youtube vids today to relive the magic & ordering some new tunes for the family to enjoy. xo Sheila

  2. Love you guys! Saw you in Phoenix 2 years ago and saw you in Naperville, Illinois a year ago. Have followed you for 30 years. When will “The Vaults” be released?

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